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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm PST

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speaker i will call a few more cards. (calling speakers). next speaker. >> good morning. my name is paul and a district eight resident. thank you for the opportunity to speak to you before today to reject the proposed nudity ordinance. as you know san francisco is a progressive city and leadlet dark on many issues and this is the reason why i live to live and work here. jane warner plaza outside the gay bar and
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patrons are not ashamed of who they are. the supervisor says -- poll of california residents conducted in 2009 by the education foundation and found 50% of san francisco residents either somewhat or strongly disagree they are offended by public nudity. i have a copy of that poll. i suggest that any complaints that the supervisor receives doesn't accurately reflect the views -- [inaudible] contact the elected officials not to offended about it. i hope that san francisco will not re-cap tich lait to the minor of complainers and lead the nation out of the dark on public nudity. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. it's great to be here. i just wanted to say
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i strongly support this legislation. my only concern i think it should go further. if i pull my pants down right now and show everyone it and i would be arrested although in another area it's okay by a small majority. i would point out some of the people that have spoken are from the nudist community and advertise for websites in public and this has nothing to do with i want to be natural. i just want to be naked. this has to do with i want to get my weird sexual pleasure of being naked. once again i am strongly in favor of this. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi. i am bruce smith and i
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would like to support this legislation. i would like to have the freedom to take my two nieces that visit from texas to a film in the castro and not come out of the theater and be exposed to naked men. i think we should have the right to introduce nudity to our children when we decide to chose, so i also think that the nudity in the castro -- i have been there for six years and helped to escalate the other problems in the area and many people that hang out i can hang out makeid, i could do anything and lead to problems in the plaza. it moves around different parts of the neighborhood and i feel strongly it should be band and it's only in the castro. many people say "why are we focused on this?" and if they were in other areas of the city but they're not. they're doing it in the castro.
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thank you. >> next speaker. >> i am jesan ford and i see the nudists often and rarely more than half a dozen and never visibly aroused. i am sanded that my representative, supervisor wiener, brought this legislation without open community meetings and consulting who is affected and the residents and the nudists themselves in an open forum. instead supervisor wiener you treat local business groups as they're a plenary and that doesn't seem right to me. san francisco and growth and respect for innovation and the only city founded by prospectors. we have been a welcome home for sexual minorities for 150 years. censoring the bodies of these
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people would run against the course of the history and have damage to the area. i ask to you vote against the proposal. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi supervisor wiener and elsbernd and carmen chu. i oppose this legislation. you can't have it both ways where you say you want nudity at the fairs and the parades and the festivals, but and you don't want nudity in the castro. i have supported you on a lot of things, but i feel that this is a war on gay men. the republicans have put a war on women throughout this election, and now you're putting a war on gay men in the castro, and i think this legislation is wrong, and supervisors should oppose it. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> hello. my name is david wallace and i am one of the people that urged supervisor wiener to take action at jane warner plaza. there is a time and place for everything and a central transit hub in a tourist district is not the place to break ground for public nudity. we should designate areas such as beaches and people are aware it's the norm and allow this to take place in those areas. thank you. >> thank you. before i get to the next speaker let me call a few more names. (calling speaker cards). >> and if i could say just before the next speaker if there are folks in the over flow room
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there are now seats available in this room if you would like to migrate in. next speaker please. >> good morning. my name is dennis spencer. i am here to support supervisor wiener's proposal to ban public nudity in districts and keeping for fairs and beaches and parades. i have been in business in the castro since 1982. i am a self employed hair dresser. over the last two years i seen a marked change with the introduction what is a nudist living room in the area. a small group of people have created an uncomfortable situation for the majority of the population and tourists. there is a marked decline and feel of the neighborhood. while i enjoy the spirit and creative of the
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castro this group is taking us back to what i saw in the 80's and buses of tourist took pictures like in a zoo. today they are trading money for pictures to take home and laugh at us, not with us. my clients say nothing to the street but all complain to me when they come in into the salon. some are hesitant to return and business has been affected. let's be clear. this is exhibition.ism. if it wasn't they wouldn't strolling around in the castro and the genitals and take you look. it's for everybody. that's all i have to say. >> thank you very much. next speaker. i should have said this at the beginning if there
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is anyone for physical reasons to go early we're able to accommodate anyone. my apologies for not mentioning that. go ahead. >> i am here to support your legislation. i have been around for 75 years and i of around nudist colonies and groups and just been wonderful. if nudists want to live their life the naturists have a wonderful event. i don't think my backyard is where i want to see you. this is not about expressing yourself. this is about misbehavior as far as i am concerned. i used to be a school teacher and a small percentage of the children took a great percentage of the time in terms of discipline. i think police officers would say the same thing, so i view this not
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expressing yourself but misbehaving and i totally support your legislation. thanks for introducing it. >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is jim corn. i live in district eight and i have been living in san francisco for 38 years because i believe there is something special here. i believe i have access to certain freedoms that i might not have anywhere else, and whether or not i exercise those freedoms i think is completely besides the point because the fact that those freedoms are there i find accelerating and liberating, so what i am asking. >> >> is don't do this to san francisco and i urge the members to meet with the full board that the proposed antinudity legislation not be passed. thank you. >> thank you very much. next
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speaker. >> hello. my name is gimse towel and the hostess of the naked tv series that airs on channel 29. first of all nudity doesn't harm children. have you ever seen a person cry when they see a naked person. they laugh. it doesn't traumatize them. nudity is natural and harmless and our bodies are god's gifts and don't look like mistakes and sacred and this is attack on freedom, love, creative self expression. according to the deck clairation of the independence we have this right. body freedom is our right and given to us by our creator and no human being has the right to
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take it away. >> excuse me. rules -- >> unconstitutional and unamerican. >> i ask the chair please remove the speaker. she is violating the rules. >> and body shame -- no to scott wiener. yes to the declaration of independence. [inaudible] [applause] >> all right. next speaker
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please. >> supervisor wiener i cannot thank you enough for this legislation. my only complaint it's a little over due but i can't thank you enough. i am a fourth generation san franciscan. i lived in the area for 35 years and seen it through good times and bad. this is amazing situation i think. these men have turned the castro into a peep show, and we're not just an adult community. we have families in the castro, and i do not have a family. i am not from the valley. i'm not part of a clique. i'm one of the everyday citizens you mentioned in your remarks and i am appalled by this behavior and if the merchants don't realize this is affecting their business -- i have boys and we eat and
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shop in the cast ro. they will not bring the young people in our family to the castro and we shop and go out to dinner on 24th street because of what is happening in the castro so it's affecting the merchants. no question. also a little footnote. i took off work today because i felt this was so important. i want to live in a community, not a gay ghetto and a community means you care about other people. you respect other people. it's not just about freedom for me and this is the kind of narcissistic self centered behavior i see in my neighborhood. i want to get the community back and that means diversity and families and groups of individuals and whether gay, straight, transgender. we are losing our diversity. families are moving out. we lost two familyos hancock street and i don't blame them. if i had children i
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wouldn't want to raise them in the castro either. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. my name is ms.dori and have lived here for 34 years and a lesbian and work with different associations. i drive you 32 the castro several times. >> >> a week. during those drives the children have seen naked men in the car. it's up setting and confusing to them. they have difficulty emotionally and psychologically processing it. each time i have to try to explain to them. i am at a loss what to tell them. as a mother it's my job to teach them there are boundaries. if my child
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took off her clothes at school she would be sent home and a conference would happen. if my child sees this -- what i really believe those exposing themselves in public are performing non sex yell behavior and a violation. one years ago i took seven girls to volunteer at a pet adoption booth and i naked man walked up to the girls and returned several times so the girls would see him. the adult his to form a human barricade. the castro is home to my community and i want it safe for my daughter and friends and family. i do not want to
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experience nudity everyday in our city and i support this legislation and ask the board of supervisors to adopt it. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning supervisors. i rob cox and on the board of the castro valley neighborhood association and long time resident of the castro. the castro valley association had a long conversation about this issue and the board frankly was split for a long time whether or not to support supervisor wiener's legislation and we talked a lot about it and the discussion went on for several board meetings over the course of several months. what ended up happening is the issue kind of forced itself again on us as i think it did to you supervisor wiener and the board fully supports this legislation and i think it came down to the abuse
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of a small group of people imposing their nakedness essentially on the neighborhood without any kind of responsibility about what their actions were going to incur, and i think again it happened once and a while, at a straight fair and nobody had a. >> >> street fair and nobody had a problem with it and against it forced itself into the conversation of the neighborhood and as a neighborhood organization we fully support the legislation, so i will try not to be too hiker bollic but equate this with nazi germany and scott wiener is a little bit over board. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good morning. good morning ladies and gentlemen. my name
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is mitch hightower and live in the community and i am -- part of the naked nude and two words that make everyone's ears perk up even here in san francisco. the supervisor has seriously exaggerated the nudity in jane warner plaza and now a city wide problem and involving every elected official in local government. this has given the supervisor media attention and has name is known around the planet and throwing away san francisco live and let live and i ask you where is the evidence? i will tell you what evidence i have. i have a petition with 1500 signatures and comments and asking you ladies and gentlemen, the board of supervisors, not -- i politely repeat not to
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implement a city wide nudity ban. the supervisor from district eight refers to some of his own constituents as disgusting and a blight on the neighborhood. this has rendered intolerable in san francisco california. sadly many people in the community now refer to the castro district as district hate. ladies and gentlemen of the committee please stop this head line grabbing and i implore you to kill this legislation today, right now, today before this hearing adjourns. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning supervisors. my name is due and have been a resident of district eight for 31 years. in that time one of the things i enjoyed the most was walking down the hill to go
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shopping, the theater, my dentist is at 18th and castro. ever since i came around the corner and almost bumped into a makeid man who called me a derogatory name and shock his penis at me and now i'm go to another area and looking for a dentist. it's a appalling behavior that is keeping us residents from the area and should be enjoyed by all and not a selfish minority. thank you supervisor wiener for your legislation. i hope it passes so we can go back to enjoying the castro again. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good morning. my name is jeff john ston and a business owner and my business is a few yards away from jane warner
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plaza and coldwell banker. my clients see this and they're uncomfortable coming to my office. my clientele is mixed half and half of straight and gay and i don't want to be embarrassed that i chose of being in the castro for my business and where i live. i live three blocks away and have to go by the plaza everyday and anywhere i go. i don't want to see these things and i think the biggest testimony to what you can see about this issue is that lady drug those children in front of you and it was okay with people. i'm a parent and a grand parent and i just was infuriated that someone could drag their seven year old child and repeat something they don't even understand what they said. that's telling about this
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legislation. please support the legislation and thank you scott wiener for your support of the community and the businesses in the castro. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> my name is gabrielle scutz and lived in the castro for 40 years. i was screamed at about my darkness and shame. is that what this is about? is that what i am seen as? it's about we are not harin hot springs. we are a neighborhood. this is about a sense of entitlement and i seen cock rings and i seen a guy get
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in his car and put on his clothes and drive away. what is that? what is that? i feel that our lovely diverse neighborhood in so many aspects has become a laughing stock and it's saddening me. it annoys me and it's the sense of entitlement. the body is beautiful. we all think that. we are not harshon. we are a neighborhood and i very much support the ordinance. thank you. >> thank you very much. before i call the next speaker let me awl call a few more names. (calling speaker names). next speaker please. >> hi, i am one of your
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visitors from concord california. i didn't intend to speak today. i definitely am against this ban. while i was coming up to the office i happened to stand by the bus in the lobby there and i was struck by the irony. let me read to you what is written out there. "san francisco is an extraordinary city because the people have learned to live together and respect each other for the bedroomment -- i can't read my handwriting -- for the future of their community. i have not heard anything about working together. i heard about banning. i heard about name calling. i heard about shaming people because of the body that god has given them. i'm a nudist. at one time i thought i was welcome. i heard about the welcoming of different
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activities and i came there. i spent money in restaurants. the twin peaks i was in several times and in fact when the giants won the world series on two years ago. i go up to the area and i had people come up to me and one man "what about the women and the children" and what about it? there is no evil effect on children. children that live with nudity have less problems with body acceptance and i ask you to get away with some of the money changers who are trying to move around the city of san francisco's true feelings about this. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> thank you. my name is stephanie rap. i'm a resident
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of district eight and lived in the neighborhood for 15 years, my husband for 30. we are raising our daughter in this neighborhood in part because it's such a welcoming place. gay and lesbian friends are part of the fabric of my daughter's life and it is very distressing to me if i am opposed to public nudity i am painted as a prude or a homo phobe. we belong to a lgbt synagogue and we welcome members into the jewish community and increasingly the weekend errants are intolerable in the castro. as a parent i can say it's my decision what makes my daughter comfortable. she's a pre-teen and seeing naked men is distressing to her. and i can tell you that
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teachers that have 35 kids and elementary and middle school kids are uncomfortable the only way they can do a field trip is to walk past naked man. public nudity -- we're not fighting for a civil right. i don't want gay people to be nude in public. i don't want straight people to be nude in public, not in my neighborhood and i resent very much this is an issue whether you're a prude or a homo phobe. thanks. >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is leonard and a resident of the castro and i am happy to have an opportunity to talk to you about the what is called nudity in the cast ro. i am a supporter of nudity. i was an art student and drawing live models since i was a teenager. i go to nude beaches both gay and straight. when i have been
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to nude beaches with families i find it sweet and endearing. however in the castro i don't believe it's nudity. i believe it's exhibitionism and the issue is for it to function for the exhibitionists they need to cohop without the consent of other people and to me this is not unlike -- even though i believe in the live and let live and it extends too far and when you co-op other people because they specifically do not consent to be exposed to and it's unfair. and like i support people to listen to whatever music and whatever volume in their home and not so loud as to disturb others. if people want to smoke i think they have the right to smoke however they want. however blowing it in the face of other people crosses the line and the


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